8 Tips for Rappers that Cost Nothing to Implement Today – NEW Podcast Episode – NEW Featured Artist

On this episode, I’m going to share my first experience being a guest on a podcast. I was a guest on Da Average Boys podcast on RGV Titan Radio. They are a show that promotes lifestyle in the Rio Grande Valley area known as the 956. 

They have been doing a segment showcasing local content creators and this week they invited me which is pretty awesome because the guy dropping by next week is a video game voice over actor for a very popular video game called Gears of War. 

I share my top five pieces of advice for rappers, I promote the hip hop conscious movement, and I even name drop some of the homies. 

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Since I did those tips for rappers, I decided to keep it going though the weekend and here is some of the tips I came up with

 – Get familiar with SEO (Search Engine Optimization). You don’t have to become an expert, just get familiar with what it is and Type your lyrics into the description of your YouTube videos.

 – Your voice is a wind instrument and works similar to an accordion or bagpipes. Next time you’re in the booth, open wide and push hard w your stomach. You should feel light headed after recording every song. Stop rapping like you scared!

 – Coronavirus tip for all rappers: Time to buy your own mic, fam 🎤


More News

300 visitors so far on my website

My daughter made the Snack Challenge on youtube 

My family is opening a taco truck in McAllen, TX. More details coming soon. 

.COM special during May 2020 – $11.98/yr

I was featured in a blog from Norway.

My podcast reached 400 plays. 

My ReverbNation profile is ranked #1 for Rap music in Edinburg, TX

I have reached 140 subscribers to my newsletter.

Featured Artist: Evolve

This artist is crazy good, and he’s spitting woke shit… we connected on fb recently and I clicked on one of his links. It was pretty good boom bap stuff so I kept listening, and this guy’s list goes on forever. 

He’s got so much material on Band Camp, it’s crazy! It literally goes on forever! Now what really got me to pay attention to Evolve, is the fact that he has “Father, Husband, and MC” on his Band Camp bio… this is exactly the type of Mc I want to associate with and promote.

Then I started paying attention, and the stuff he’s putting out is very good boom bap stuff, and that’s what I’m into. 

But what really kept my attention is just the amount of material he has out. He’s got so many albums and each one is like 20 songs long! I’m hooked on it all. I’ve been listening to his stuff for days now I haven’t even gotten close to hearing it all. That is some serious work ethic. This dude is going to build himself a great super solid fan base with that amount of material. 

Here is a link to his Bandcamp

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I’m gonna leave you with the following quote:
“People Who Are Crazy Enough To Think They Can Change The World, Are The Ones Who Do.”
– Rob Siltanen

Thank you so much, keep rocking!