Affiliate Marketing With Common Energy And New Featured Artist

I Started Affiliate Marketing With Common EnergyI know I haven’t sent an email in a while. COVID has been weird. What a year! A few things have happened since I last sent an email and I think the best way to catch up with what has been going on is to listen to my podcast here

Quick summary, my mom and dad bought a taco truck, and I have been helping them with the marketing. Now about solarI was approached by a good friend of mine, Wes, about a new affiliate opportunity he found. Now, I’ve been in the marketing and sales game pretty much all my life so I get about two to three similar messages daily, and I ignore most of them. I didn’t ignore this one, not because of what the opportunity was, but because it was my friend Wes.

This is a good sales lesson, btw, a lot of times you’re going to make sales just because you’re a good friend of theirs, not necessarily what you’re selling. This is the reason I teach new sales reps to ask everyone and don’t skip anyone. Ask literally everyone in your fiends list. 

Quick back story on Wes, he also worked selling Cutco and that’s actually how we connected on social. The new CEO of Common Energy, Richard Keiser, is also a friend of his and when he was put in charge of Common Energy, he immediately got in touch with Wes to help him develop a sales plan based on what he learned at Cutco. That’s how Wes because VP of Sales at Common Energy and developed the sales training for them. 

When Wes got in touch with me, I didn’t even have to think about it, the answer was yes before he even asked because he has done a very good job keeping a good relationship with me. I trust him. Trust plays a huge role in leadership, sales, and mentorship.  Support clean energy and save.Common Energy works with state-supported clean energy programs that lower emissions and offer you guaranteed savings on your electricity. See if we have a project in your area!Click here to check if your area is available
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Featured Artist Rio

It’s hard finding good new music to listen to nowadays. You have to dig through the mud to find the hidden gems. One of the benefits of a label, be it indie or major, is taking advantage of their already existing audience. As listeners, we trust labels to give us the same quality of entertainment they have provided us before. It’s like a letter of recommendation in a way. Their reputation is on the line too, not just the artist’s. 

You know how sometimes we use “different” as a selling point with an artist? “He sounds like nothing you’ve ever heard before,” we say. Well, it’s actually the opposite when working with labels. You kinda want every artist from that label to kind of sound the same. At least the same quality of entertainment, maybe not an actual clone of the sound. 

When I started working on my newsletter again, the first thing I thought about was the featured artist section. This part here I do entirely from the bottom of my heart, I don’t make a dime off this section, and yet somehow it’s always the most difficult and most rewarding section to work on. I hit up my boy Matt M and asked him who he recommended I featured on my newsletter. He quickly said Rio, and his conviction in Rio made me wanna listen. 

The first thing I like, he’s Junkroom Family. The second thing I like, he is using the label’s website. That is really, really smart since he’s up and coming. He already has material out and he hasn’t even dropped a commercial album yet, this is someone setting themselves up for success. 

I like what I’m seeing from Rio so far. And what I’m hearing too. He’s got a good solid sound. He has a good distinct voice. Good flow, with some wit and charm. 

This kid gives off a very positive vibe too. He seems pretty chill. Hopefully I get to interview him soon. Click here to check out his upcoming single…

Here’s the link to the updated playlist on Spotify.

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I’m gonna leave you with the following quote:
“Knowing Is Not Enough; We Must Apply. Wishing Is Not Enough; We Must Do.”
– Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe

Thank you so much, keep rocking!