Boogalifa – When the far-right and the far-left start working together, maybe it’s time we listen.

From the moment the George Floyd video popped into my timeline and I saw a clip of probably one of the most horrific scenes I’ve seen in my 34, I knew this was something huge. Bigger than I could possibly imagine at the time.

My timeline became flooded with people ranting in favor and against. I joined the rambling.

I became obsessed almost immediately. I read all the articles everyone else read. I saw the images everyone else saw. And one particular picture caught my eye.

this one  

I have no idea who posted this photo, I swiped it from a google search… credit tho whoever took the picture and shared it on social, I’m guessing that’s Steve Vite, but it’s not my photo for sure.

this photo caught my eye for obvious reasons. At first I was like, “oh, hey, that’s cool.” But the more I read on the matter, and the more photos I saw, I realized something bigger was happening.

Then the information on the arrested protestors in Minneapolis was made available, and what do you know, everyone arrested didn’t even live there.

So that’s when I took a step back and said, “what a minute, what is going on here?”

No, this isn’t George Soros’ people working under his payroll. At least I don’t think it is.

I started digging a little and came across several websites making a reference to the Boogaloo in Minneapolis. There’s hundreds, I’m not going to link any, just do a quick search on google.

The Boogaloo is a right-wing movement mainly concerned with protecting 2nd amendment rights. They often publish jokes on the internet about a revolution or resistance to the police state or also democrats over the second amendment. And lets be honest, if the second is ever infringed upon, there WOULD be and SHOULD be a resistance and revolution so their jokes are hardly in bad taste.

Now, I have been very in favor of the Boogaloo movement in Virginia where they literally did infringe upon the second amendment.

When they demonstrated in Michigan I kind of rolled my eyes (as did everyone else watching, that was a weird one to witness).

But here in Minneapolis they show up at a protest of entirely different nature.

The Boogaloo guys, who can be recognized by the hawaiiwan shirt and militia bravado, are a far-right movement made up of, usually white people. And their support for Black Lives Matter is hardly new. But their support of Antifa is.

Antifa, or the antifascist movement, in America is a political protest movement comprising autonomous groups affiliated by their militant opposition to fascism and other forms of extreme right-wing ideology. I honestly just call anyone on the left spectrum antifa.

They have always been against the Boogaloo people at almost every single protest or demonstration, have clashed in person and online, and their clashes have even resulted in death..

Antifa has taken a rather bizarre turn in the past few years. They have taken to support some pretty bizarre movements and have done some pretty bizarre things like roundhouse kicking a pro-life woman. But now that I got my obviously bias opinion out of the way, lets continue.

Antifa is also known for inciting violence literally everywhere they go… and… opposing right-wing groups… just like the Boogaloos.

So why am I claiming they are working together in Minneapolis?

Because they are. They are not hiding it. The information is out on the internet for everyone to search and find.

But here’s where I stand and beg to differ on the matter.

The violence started at Minneapolis and many of the major cities who followed suit was definitively brought by people outside the city, but according to Donald Trump and many conservative publications, it was antifa starting the violence. According to leftist publications like Vice, it was the Boogaloos who started the violence.

Here’s my take on Antifa. They literally use the slogan “by any means necessary” to oppose right-wing ideology. They incite violence pretty much everywhere they go. Violence IS a strategy of the left, and admittedly so. They see themselves as progressives and revolutionists. They use violence to move left-wing ideology forward. Most riots are usually started by the left. The left rioted when President Trump was inaugurated.

Why is this important?

Because if the Boogaloos and Antifa really are working together in the George Floyd protests, this is major for the Black Lives Matter movement. They can claim they unified the most radical groups in the country in favor of their cause.

Imagine the far-right and the far-left coming together to fight a common enemy… police brutality. When those two start working together, I suggest the country and most importantly, the President of the United States start paying attention, stop calling them “thugs”, and listen to what they have to say: That Black Lives and the 2nd Amendment matter.