Happy Day! Celebrate Wisely.

Happy Friday! Hope this email finds you well. 

I added two new episodes to my podcast. 

1. E21 – Growing on Twitter with Special Guest, C-Styles In this episode, South Texas- based rapper living in Brownsville joins me to talk about growing a twitter audience even after being… suspended? Lol it was a super dope and fun episode! Hope you enjoy listening as much as we enjoyed talking smack. 

I have to be honest, I have been struggling to maintain the show format I had mentioned in earlier episodes of the show. I have decided to do one featured artist per week, not per episode as I had mentioned in the episodes. So the “Featured Artist” segment will be its own episode on my podcast once a week, and it will remain at the end of the newsletter emails. With that said, here is the episode for last week’s featured artist, Matt M.

2. E22 – Featured Artist Matt M. of Junkroom Music Featured artist episode on Matt M., a young South Texas Rapper who with his music is speaking out about inequality, racism, and other important, controversial issues. He also had a quarantine tour in his house, which I think was an awesome idea to keep him active and relevant. 

You can click here to check out an archive of the featured artists.

I also want to send a quick shoutout to #ireland for joining the greatest audience in the history of the universe! Thanks so much for letting me be a part of your life!  

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More News! 

I added two new clients to my client list! I’m expanding my portfolio as quickly as I possibly can, and I will continue to update you guys whenever I do so you can check out what I’m doing and hopefully there’s something throughout my content that can help you in your business. 

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Featured Artist Saint Chase

Saint is on another level of energy! The first thing I heard him, it was almost like the first time I heard Beasty Boys. He just has an unbelievable amount of energy. His music is so much fun, and you can tell his vision is big. You can just feel he has really big plans. His energy is matched only by his professionalism.

One thing that stands out is his professionalism. Seeing him from the sidelines, and listening to the quality of his work, plus seeing the quality of the promotional work he puts out, I can see that he takes his business seriously. He has that entrepreneur vision, and it translates perfectly through the content he puts out.   

Here is his Spotify link. 

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I’m gonna leave you with the following quote:

“A winner is a dreamer who never gives up.”

– Nelson Mandela

Thank you so much, keep rocking!