How do You Know What Business to Open or Run.

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I added a new episode to my podcast and I wanted to break it down for you because I think it’s an important topic not a lot of people talk about and is definitively important in the realm of business.   My cousin, Protege, from Rockford, Il send me a DM and asked me:

“So how do entrepreneurs figure out what type of business fits their demographics? Like if I live in Edinburg TX I wouldn’t start a snow shoveling company, right! But up here (northern Midwest) it’s pretty damn good. What would be a good business that’s universal all the way around that can hit every target audience, cookies are pretty good. Kids adults and grandparents like cookies

What are good tips to get it started, I think this is the hardest part of starting a business. A lot of people confuse their passion with their talent.” My answer to him is to find out what unique value you can bring to the market. I break down unique value into two basic concepts: 

1. a need or demand
2. actual uniqueness (product, service, or persona that stands out in the market)

1. The need or demand of the land will guide you in what direction to start. In Illinois, for example, a snow shoveling service is a no-brainer, but it wouldn’t make much sense in Texas. A landscaping company in Texas, however, is also a no-brainer. This is a good way to figure out a business to start that creates cash flow, but it’s not really a good way to figure out a long-term career because you may not be happy doing that service.

It’s a great way to create cash flow and capital for projects you are more passionate about. 

2. Another way to figure out “Unique Value” is actual uniqueness. How do you stand out from the competition. Chick Fila is a great example of a brand that stands out in the food industry thanks to their hospitality, quality, and effectiveness. When you’re starting off, though, and it’s literally just a team of you and two homies, it’s hard to figure out what uniqueness you bring to the market. Personality is a good one.

You might be funny or charming, and people remember that about you. Or maybe you’re a great dancer. This one is all about self-awareness. Just getting to know yourself and what things you are passionate about and what skills and talents you have that you can work with.  That brings me to my next point: confusing passion with talent.

Passion and talent are separate, but they do work together. A great example to understand the contrast between the two is my rap career vs my marketing one.  Hip Hop is my passion. Music. I love playing, making, and listening to music. But my music career never really took off compared to my marketing one.

That’s because talent is thought to be natural aptitude or skill, which means that I have a talent for marketing, sales, the spoken word, the written word. So what I’m doing now is combining the two. I’m working with hip hop artists and labels to improve the quality of hip hop and leave my mark by influencing the marketing.

That’s also why I do Podcast, it’s easy for me. The youtube videos too, it’s easy for me and I enjoy being on camera and speaking. Putting the two together and talking about marketing and hip hop on my podcast is probably one of the best ideas I have ever had.  Figuring out what business you want to open, and what business will make you happy is important.

It’s ok to create cash flow, but figure out how to turn it into a business that makes you happy too not just money. 

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Featured Artist Matt M.

Matt is on another level of work ethic and leadership, but I think what stands out most about Matt is his big heart. From the very first time I met him I could tell he’s a great guy. He seems to genuinely want everyone to win. He doesn’t seem selfish at all. And all of this is out there for everyone to see in his music.

I started paying attention to his lyrics one time when I heard his song about his gay brother coming out to him, and I realized his music is very, very different to the majority of the genre. The more of his songs I heard, the more I began to kind of understand his message and what he is trying to teach his peers through his music.

It’s more than just music to him, check out his story and see for yourself. 

Here is his Spotify link.  

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I’m gonna leave you with the following quote:

“When I discover who I am, I’ll be free.” 

– Ralph Ellison

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