How to Keep Your Business Growing During Quarantine

Email marketing and why it helps your business.

I hope this email finds you well. Thank you so much for being a dear friend, and thank you so much for keeping up with my content.  I started this newsletter because I want to help businesses that are hurting right now due to the COVID19 grow online.  Anyone who has ever thought about maybe using the internet to promote their business, that is who I want  to talk to. I’ve been preaching it for years and the time has finally come: any businesses not using social media and web are pretty much going to die in the next few years. This virus sped up the whole process; I thought it was going to take longer.  Now I want to talk about email and why it’s so important to use to increase your brand awareness. Email marketing is not dead; far from it. It’s thriving and hotter than ever! 

Three reasons eMail marketing works

1. it’s personal

2. it’s in their pocket and laptop

3. the people reading their emails daily are also very likely to buy things online 

The way we communicate in 20202 is much, much more different than we did in the past. Today we are able to communicate to anyone in any part of the world in a matter of seconds by sending them an email.

Here’s the thing about email, though, I’m going to get real with you here. When I was working at that crazy knife job I always heard the CEO talk about his email… he talked about receiving emails from people who worked there then moved on to getting the job of their dreams, he talked about receiving emails from proud parents, receiving emails from other CEO’s.

I realized he read his email a lot, and the more I talked to people in executive positions, the more I realized that “the suits” read their emails all day every day.  So I started looking more into email marketing and I realized that it’s not just “the suits” reading their email all day every day… it’s EVERYONE! 

Email has become such a part of our lives as millennials and the new generation, that we hardly ever think about it anymore. It’s just a part of our lives, and that’s the way it is. So it had never occurred to me to try to sell things on email.  Now, the way you sell things on email is a little bit different than the way you sell things anywhere else.

I’m not an expert yet, I’m far from it, but there are a couple things I’m pretty good at, and I’m willing to teach you all about it. First, lets talk about “open rate”… open rate is the people who open your emails. What good is sending an email if no one is reading it, right?  The average open rate in my industry is a little under 20%. Take a look at a chart showing my open rate 

I’m going to share my top three keys to increasing your businesses’ brand awareness using email, and improving your email open rate at the same time

Keys to eMail Success

1. Send daily content, valuable content. 

2. Grow your list daily.

3. Engage with your audience outside of email. 

1. Your audience needs to see your name every day. Valuable content is usually subjective, but basically try to send content that isn’t just “BUY THIS, BUY THIS BUY THIS!!!” Valuable content can be entertainment, comedy, tips, how to, recipes… there are many different ways you can provide someone value before asking for the sale. If you feel you can’t come up with daily content, get in touch with me and I can either give you ideas or create content for you. 

2. Growing your list daily should be something you’re already doing because it’s healthy for business, but if you’re not, here’s a reminder. Something we know about consumers today is that they tend to unsubscribe to mailing lists when they feel the content is no longer relevant to them. So if you run a mailing list about learning to boil eggs, don’t be surprised if your audience leaves once they’ve learned to boil an egg. It’s the same in any industry, which is why you need to continue growing your list daily, to replace the ones who left, and continue to grow too. 

3. Engage with your audience outside of email. Perhaps the main reason my open rate is pretty good is because I have a pretty strong relationship with my audience on all the social platforms I use, so when they get an email from me, they recognize the name and open it.  It all ties in with brand awareness. People recognize me and trust me. A lot of my business is return business, and that’s because I’ve done a really good job creating and maintaining good working relationships.  Brand is the absolute most important thing about your business. That is what either creates or prevents NEW business, and email is such a great tool for building your brand up. 

I created an archive of these emails in my blog… check it out here.

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