How you do one thing is how you do everything.

New podcast episode. The one about featured artist C-Styles (Chicago Styles). When I was getting ready to record this podcast I realized how lucky I am to be able to work closely and get to know the artists I listen to. 

Growing up I remember watching MTV, Fuse, and BET for hours. But that’s all I could do – just watch my favorite artists. Listen to their music on a stereo or watch them in a video on cable. 

Nowadays, we have the ability to connect with artists on many more levels than we did 20 years ago, and I don’t take that for granted. I am very thankful for the unique opportunity I have been able to create for myself thanks to the skills I have acquired through my life. 

Shoutout to everyone I have the pleasure of working with. 

Being in the music scene has introduced me to some of the most wonderful people and places on earth. One of those wonderful places is the Historical Cine El Rey in downtown McAllen

Cine El Rey has been host to pretty much every performing artist, comedian, wrestlers, and many more in the Rio Grande Valley. Its history runs as deep as the deepest roots in the area. 

It’s almost impossible to be in the area and not know about Cine El Rey. It really is more than a building. Cine El Rey is a community. A culture of its own. Cine El Rey has its own heartbeat… and it sounds beautiful. 

Which is why we cannot let it die. 

With the current situation, our friends at Cine El Rey are finding themselves in a bit of a financial plight, and The Historic Cine El Rey Theater Foundation have started a campaign to save the theater called “Give Five to Keep Cine El Rey Alive” with the idea that if every one of their friends donated $5 they’d have enough to save the venue.

As an artist, I feel like I have a responsibility to pitch in and help save Cine El Rey. I also feel it’s my responsibility to put my skills to use and help spread awareness. 

I’d personally like to thank you for making any donations or help spread the word. Remember we are doing this not for the building, but for what the building has done for all of us and our art. Whether it be music, paint, theater, wrestling, or comedy, Cine El Rey has been a milestone pillar for Rio Grande Valley artists.

If you do find it in your heart to help us save Cine El Rey, keep in mind that we are not doing it for the memories that have already been made, but for the many more we can still make there.

There is a 15 year old kid this very summer getting their first guitar and starting their first band in some garage in the Rio Grande Valley who will need a place to gig in a couple years. 

That’s who we are doing this for… tomorrow’s artists. 

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More News

My family is opening a taco truck in McAllen, TX. More details coming soon. 

.COM special during May 2020 – $11.98/yr

I was featured in a blog from Norway.

My podcast reached 400 plays. 

My ReverbNation profile is ranked #1 for Rap music in Edinburg, TX

I have reached 140 subscribers to my newsletter.  

Featured Artist 94’sfinest

94 has a really chill and fun sound. I had heard about him for a while already, but I didn’t really pay attention until I heard him on Matt M.’s “Feel.” This is why I preach collaboration so much. Most of the artists I fuck with were introduced by another artist I already fkd with. 

Now, something about 94 must be noted… the voice. Let me explain. 

He does not sound like your average throaty rapper… this dude has pipes and he knows how to use them. He has a really smooth voice, which is what made me start paying attention to begin with. I realized he was more singing than rapping. I went through his older content, and realized his versatility is his niche and he plays it well. 

Here is his Spotify link. 

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‘m gonna leave you with the following quote:
“You Learn More From Failure Than From Success. Don’t Let It Stop You. Failure Builds Character.”
– Unknown

Thank you so much, keep rocking!