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This Month we have Antonio Morales, Digital marketer, podcaster
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Creating a strong culture in your audience. 

I wish I had a camera following me around recording my every move… you just never know when you’re going to spit fire. This here is a post I wrote on a Facebook hip hop group, and I liked it so I decided to publish it on my website too. 

Here it is… 

I’ve noticed some of you have a very, very strong fanbase. Some of your fans are ready and eager to open up their wallets, or even fight someone for you. 

Kudos on building those strong fan bases. 

But not a lot of you are using your fans in your marketing. There’s a ton of ways you can use your fans in your marketing without coming across douchey or malevolent. 

First of all, it’s OK to profit from your fans… that’s literally how entertainment works. Your fans literally support you. So don’t feel “weird” about it… own the fk out of it. 

Second, it’s the INTENT that matters. If you intend to just use your fans for likes and reacts, they’ll notice and hate you. If you use your fans as a way to give them the spotlight and thank them for bringing you to this point, because, make no mistake about it, every single one of you is at this point in your career because of the work you put into your fans, then you’ll get really, really warm responses and your fans will do all the legwork for you in promoting. 

You can do something as easy as creating your own fan club. Shit sounds corny and outdated, but trust me, that works. Look at rappers like Tom McDonald with Hangover Gang, Xan w Xanarchy, Drake w Team Drizzy, Eminem w The Stans… etc. You get the picture here w fandoms. 

Here’s a few more ways you can get your fans involved: 

Make a music video with only your fans… not a single shot of your face in the video. 

Let your fans create content for you… song names, album covers, posters, tshists, cartoons, etc… and then actually use that artwork and publish it

let them come up with the name of the fan club 

Host a concert and anyone rocking your merch would get (insert whatever… discount on tickets, free beer, picture with you).

In Conclusion 

I guess to sum it up what I’m trying to say is, use your fans in your marketing in a positive way. UGC (User Generated Content) is some of the best and most powerful content you can use. Your fans WILL literally do the legwork for you in promoting these. 

More News

300 visitors so far on my website

My daughter made the Snack Challenge on youtube 

My family is opening a taco truck in McAllen, TX. More details coming soon. 

.COM special during May 2020 – $11.98/yr

I was featured in a blog from Norway.

My podcast reached 400 plays. 

My ReverbNation profile is ranked #1 for Rap music in Edinburg, TX

I have reached 140 subscribers to my newsletter.

Featured Artist Kale Gawd

Damn… where do I even begin? This cat is so… different it’s really hard to ignore him. Especially since 90% of his photos is him posing w… KALE!

Yes, Kale… and he’s a lot more than just a rapper with an odd brand.

See, I came across one of his ads on facebook. And it was a post w long text and then just a cartoon clip of a kid getting on a school bus (more on that later). I read the text and then the clip made sense. 

I visited his website and oh, my lord, this is probably one of the best websites I’ve ever seen in my entire career. It’s so well put together and the entire thing from inside and out complies with his theme entirely. Every graph, txt, line, picture… the whole thing is customized, and it looks really good. 

Then he followed me on instagram, and I thought, “oh, cool, this is different”… because most of the time, artists don’t follow me first, I have to find them. There’s a few, but not many. 

And then he sent me a personalized video reaching out to me and talking about things in my content, and he mentions the school bus clip (see, more on that), so i instantly know EXACTLY who he is… so not only is this guy putting out fire content, he is also super, duper, mega engaged in his audience… like, supreme engagement. 

I visited his website again to listen more carefully, and I was hooked instantly. I found my new favorite artist. I can’t really explain it. It probably sounds crazy, everything I’m telling you (story of my life lol). You just have to visit his website and take the experience in for yourself. 

Yes, the experience. This dude isn’t just some rap song with a cartoon clip… he has an etire image based on growing with Kale. He’s spitting so much knowledge and wisdom, I’m feeling kind of like a kung fu student after going through his content, no cap. 

Visit his website here. 

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I’m gonna leave you with the following quote:
“If You Are Working On Something That You Really Care About, You Don’t Have To Be Pushed. The Vision Pulls You.”
– Steve Jobs

Thank you so much, keep rocking!