I don’t have to say I’m cheap in my posts to attract sales.

I give, give, give a ton of value up front. I overwhelm with value. 

There’s a reason close to 80% of my business is return business, and they never, ever give a shit about the price. 

Value. It’s binary. 

I saw a tweet yesterday of a company advertising websites for musicians. It said something along the lines of “get your website started today for cheap.”

That immediately stood out to me as something I would never say.

In sales we are taught that language is very, very important. We are very careful with the words we say. Even though I create trolly content, I am still very careful with the words I use and the overall message I send out. 

Personally, I would never nor would I allow any team I’m working with to use the word “cheap” in any content about my (our) services or products. Cheap sounds like something that would break in the first five minutes of being in your possession. There are many alternatives to the word which can be used to deliver the exact same message without using that specific word. 

Now I’m going to flip the script a little. 

I love using the word expensive. Now that’s one word I use a great deal every day. I want my potential customers to think a new website costs tens of thousands so when I tell them the actual price they think, “oh, that’s not too bad.”

This is something I learned in the crazy knife job, and now I’m passing that knowledge on to you. 

See, not everyone buys things based on price alone. There are some people who do make purchases based on price, but they are not the majority. 

There are many factors that influence someone’s decision to buy something. We call that value. 

Price is the number on the price, value is the reason they buy. 

The more value you provide, the more you improve the chances of people making a purchase. 

Lets say, for example, someone is selling season tickets to a football team for $600. 

Without knowing anything about the team, $600 might feel like a little much to pay for season tickets. Now, if I were to tell you it’s an NFL team, the chances of you making a purchase increase. If I tell you they are on the 50 yard line, the chances increase even more. Of course, the team is what matters most in this scenario, but if I continue to add value without providing the team, you might buy the tickets no matter who is playing. 

Value is the name of the game.

Unique value is what is going to set you apart in business, and giving value unconditionally is what is going to keep you in business longer. 

Lets that about that 80% retention for a quick minute. 

This is something I pride myself in because I have put a lot of work in cultivating the culture in my audience. 

My customers return and make more purchases from me because I provide a ton of value. I provide value up front before they even hire me. I provide value WHILE they work with me by underpromising and overdelivering. And I provide value after their purchase by thanking them and staying in touch with them. 

This doesn’t mean everyone loves me. 

In fact, it’s pretty safe to say there’s a few people out there who do NOT like me and would NOT do business with me. There’s people out there who would not do business with me just based on some of the trolly things I post, but that’s beside the point. 

My point is that for every 1 person who does not want to buy my products or hire me, there are ten more who do if I just provide them enough value. 

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More News

My family is opening a taco truck in McAllen, TX. More details coming soon. 

.COM special during May 2020 – $11.98/yr

Featured Artist 94’sfinest

94 has a really chill and fun sound. I had heard about him for a while already, but I didn’t really pay attention until I heard him on Matt M.’s “Feel.” This is why I preach collaboration so much. Most of the artists I fuck with were introduced by another artist I already fkd with. 

Now, something about 94 must be noted… the voice. Let me explain. 

He does not sound like your average throaty rapper… this dude has pipes and he knows how to use them. He has a really smooth voice, which is what made me start paying attention to begin with. I realized he was more singing than rapping. I went through his older content, and realized his versatility is his niche and he plays it well. 

Here is his Spotify link. 

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I’m gonna leave you with the following quote:
“The Way Get Started Is To Quit Talking And Begin Doing.”
– Walt Disney

Thank you so much, keep rocking!