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Happy Tuesday! I hope this email finds you well. 

I’m gonna tell you guys a story. Yesterday I was serving an order of cookies when my customer mentioned my emails. He’s a politician and I told him I can help him with his campaign’s social media and digital marketing. He said, “Hey, I’m even getting emails from you now, that’s awesome!”

This is one of the reasons I send my emails (almost) daily. Branding. Remember that brand is now defined as what people are saying about us. THAT is what people in my audience are saying about me right now… the emails. 

Social media got really loud these past couple of weeks. There’s a lot of “noise.” That’s why I turned to email and blog. I’m taking the route less traveled and it works; I’m standing out!

Before COVID-19, there were A LOT of businesses not using social media to market themselves. The quarantine has literally overnight flipped that. Now, almost everyone is using social media to sell some kind of product or service, and that’s great, but you want to do things that make you stand out from the millions of products and services all fighting for your audience’s attention. 

What I want is to “stay in your ear” as I call it. I want you to see my name pop up on your phone every day. Eventually you’ll open the email or watch the youtube video or download the song. Or maybe you never open any of my content, but if someone asks about a marketing consultant that can help with email marketing, you’ll probably say something like, “well I know this guy that sends me emails (almost) every day” and you’ll tell them about me. 

I’m playing the brand game. That’s why I’m starting to use the same images and the same frame for my images. That’s why I am on as many platforms as possible. And that is why I started sending emails almost daily. What I want is for you to see my name every day. When a customer or friend mention my content or emails, it lets me know you’re watching. I love seeing people executing my ideas or stealing my content to sell their own product or service. That’s a compliment to me, it doesn’t bother me. Remember to watch what I do, not what I say. Copy WHAT I’m doing, and apply it to your own business. Imagine if you started emailing your customers every day. What could that do for your business? 

That is also why I put my content out for free. I know the vast majority of the people reading my content will not do the things in the content, and many people would rather hire me to do those things for them. That is also part of my branding game. All my advice is free and available on all my social media profiles, but if you want to get the answer quicker, or specific to your business, hire me. I have 90% OFF on phone consults during April. 

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More News! 

I added two new clients to my client list! I’m expanding my portfolio as quickly as I possibly can, and I will continue to update you guys whenever I do so you can check out what I’m doing and hopefully there’s something throughout my content that can help you in your business.  Click here to see my clients list on my website.  If you are new to my newsletter and love it, but you wish you could see past emails, click the link below. I created an archive of these emails in my blog… check it out here. 

Featured Artist 2B!zzy

The first time I heard B!zzy, I knew he was going to change Hip Hop in South Texas forever. He has a different style so unique, it’s really hard to compare him to anyone (which is a good thing). Locally, there’s very few acts that stand out, and B!zzy is most definitively one of them! With his signature 9-Fifty Six, tag, he’s sure to make you vibe. Super dope cat, and super dope music, check him out. 

Here is his Spotify link.  

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I’m gonna leave you with the following quote:

“Someone will declare, ‘I am the leader!’ and expect everyone to get in line and follow him or her to the gates of heaven or hell. My experience is that it doesn’t happen that way. Others follow you based on the quality of your actions rather than the magnitude of your declarations.”

―Bill Walsh

Thank you so much, keep rocking!