New Podcast Episode – Thanks, Gary Vee

1,000 People Concept – New Podcast Episode!

Happy WINsday! Hope this email finds you well. 

Gary Vee told me to start a podcast and talk about things I enjoy, so I did. I’ve been working very hard for the past few weeks putting this newsletter, website, and podcast together, and it is starting to pay off. On Monday I had my best day on my podcast ever, and then yesterday #Mexico joined my audience. I’m starting to see some momentum build up. 

Maybe one of the reasons my podcast is starting to gain momentum is because I’m pushing it heavily on LinkedIn.  On Monday I also reached another goal: 1,000 connections on LinkedIn!  This number is important because I’ve always been taught since I started in sales that 1,000 is the magic number.

We aim for a thousand because sales is a numbers game and you have to play the numbers. Like an average, you have to increase the frequency to increase the average. Just add more targets and you’ll hit more targets.  I made a new podcast episode where I talk more about the 1,000 person concept and a little on the LinkedIn culture and why I’m pushing my podcast so much on it.

I have been advocating in favor of linked in lately because I can feel the power of the platform with my own content and I really think it would help a lot of people out.

You can listen to the episode here

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More News! 

I added two new clients to my client list! I’m expanding my portfolio as quickly as I possibly can, and I will continue to update you guys whenever I do so you can check out what I’m doing and hopefully there’s something throughout my content that can help you in your business. 

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Featured Artist Saint Chase

Saint is on another level of energy! The first thing I heard him, it was almost like the first time I heard Beasty Boys. He just has an unbelievable amount of energy. His music is so much fun, and you can tell his vision is big. You can just feel he has really big plans. His energy is matched only by his professionalism.

One thing that stands out is his professionalism. Seeing him from the sidelines, and listening to the quality of his work, plus seeing the quality of the promotional work he puts out, I can see that he takes his business seriously. He has that entrepreneur vision, and it translates perfectly through the content he puts out.   

Here is his Spotify link. 

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I’m gonna leave you with the following quote:

“Everything you’ve ever wanted is on the other side of fear.”

– George Addair

Thank you so much, keep rocking!