Perfection Will Slow You Down – Stay at Home Marketing

Happy Wednesday! I hope this email finds you well. 

I see this every day! Friends message me all the time telling me their plans and how much money they will make once they get their videos perfect enough to upload to YouTube. Or their pictures filtered enough for instagram. Probably the one that breaks my heart most because it hits close to home is seeing musicians sit on hundreds of songs just because they’re “not ready.” 

I have also seen some of the most terrible artists and musicians “make it” on pure hustle alone. Their art or music is trash, but somehow they are everywhere on social media. They’re hustling every day and they build these super strong communities of fans that support them and are almost willing to die for them. 

I know this doesn’t seem fair at first glance because the good artists should be the ones “making it” right? But the reality is that this is totally fair, and the ONLY way it should be.

That’s why I like business and the markets. The markets decide who makes it and who doesn’t, and they don’t discriminate. The good thing, though, is the markets can be easily leveraged in your favor with a little bit of hustle. 

So this is what I say to you reading this: 

Start uploading videos to YouTube today. Start doing the instagram thing today. Build your website today. Release one song a week starting today. Put your paintings for sale today. Just execute, execute, execute the idea and you will get better at it as time goes. 

You will not be good at almost anything when you first start, and that’s ok. I’ve read that it takes 10,000 hours of deliberate practice to master a skill. So the more content you make immediately, the better, and you know for a fact your work will get better as you go. 

Even if your art isn’t “perfect” or “finished” it will connect with someone and you will start building brand for yourself and a bond with your audience. 

More News! 

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Featured Artist 2B!zzy

The first time I heard B!zzy, I knew he was going to change Hip Hop in South Texas forever. He has a different style so unique, it’s really hard to compare him to anyone (which is a good thing). Locally, there’s very few acts that stand out, and B!zzy is most definitively one of them! With his signature 9-Fifty Six, tag, he’s sure to make you vibe. Super dope cat, and super dope music, check him out. 

Here is his Spotify link.  

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I’m gonna leave you with the following quote:

“Have no fear of perfection – you’ll never reach it.”

― Salvador Dali

Thank you so much, keep rocking!