Using Social Media for Your Business

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I started this newsletter because I want to help businesses that are hurting right now due to the COVID19 grow online. 

Anyone who has ever thought about maybe using the internet to promote their business, that is who I want  to talk to. I’ve been preaching it for years and the time has finally come: any businesses not using social media and web are pretty much going to die in the next few years. This virus sped up the whole process; I thought it was going to take longer. 

Now I want to talk about social media platforms and a little concept I teach: be on all platforms. I’ve been preaching this for a while and I still meet new marketers every day telling me they want to focus on just one platform. 

Look, I get it, I completely understand why you want to focus just on one app, but let me tell you that you are actually keeping yourself from growing online, and what I want to teach you is to keep growing your business online even during hard times. 

First lets look at a couple facts about social media. We know that different age groups prefer different apps. The younger generations prefer snapchat and instagram, whereas the older generations prefer Facebook and LinkedIn. You have to keep that in mind whenever you are targeting your audiences. Don’t expect to connect with a lot of baby boomers on snapchat. 

The second fact I want to mention, is the amount of time spent on the internet. The younger generations are spending more time online than the older ones, as was expected.

But perhaps the most interesting fact, to me at least lol, is the increase in users ages 45 and up in every platform. This is big news because we also know some facts about that demographic and their spending habits, like the fact that they are generally careful spenders but will splurge on themselves when they finally decide on the purchases they’re making. 

So how does this all help you grow your business online? Well, one of the most basic concepts I teach is being on every platform. You don’t just want to be on every platform, you want to be on every platform, and producing content every day for every platform. 

One good example of being on every platform is Starbucks Coffee, Nike, or Coca Cola. If you notice, all the bigger companies are already doing this and for good reason. So let me give you the top three reasons you want to be on every social platform. 

3 Reasons to be on Every Social Platform

1. Increases Visibility 

2. Introduces You to New Followers

3. Improves Brand Awareness

1. In the marketing and sales world, we are told that it takes an average of 5-7 times of someone seeing your ads and content before they take action and buy your product. So you want to make sure you are everywhere your audience is just so you stay in their ears. Keep reminding them of your name, your brand or your product by creating content and delivering it to your audience anywhere they may be hanging out at.  

2. We know the different generations’ social media platform preferences, and we know which age group is more likely to be on which apps, but this doesn’t mean they are ONLY on those apps. Another thing we know about social platforms, is that there are different types of people using each platform. Not just age group, although that’s a very noticeable one, but also different types of learners and personalities looking for different ways to consume content. Someone who is a very visual person is not very likely to be listening to podcasts all day. And someone who is an audio learner will probably spend more time on spotify than snapchat or instagram. This is why you want to be on every platform, to reach more different people. 

3. Brand… Brand is the absolute most important thing about your business. That is what either creates or prevents NEW business. Throughout the years, the definition of what brand is and what it means for businesses has evolved. Today we define brand as “what people are saying about you.” Simply put, brand is the reason people trust you. The more they see your name and the more they are exposed to your story and your message, the more they will connect with you and the easier it will be to close sales and grow your business. 

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